WiseCare is a mission-driven, women-owned business and integrated healthcare collaboration company. We provide high-touch, early-intervention care to underserved populations, with an emphasis on chronic care and the integration of behavioral health into all our services.

We exist to lessen administrative burden, improve financial stability, provide strategic care data, and deliver benefit enhancements. In doing things the WiseCare way, patients, caregivers, providers, and their practices can all benefit. We support patients and care plans between office visits, providing condition and wellness education, targeted referrals to medical and social providers, and resolution of issues that stand between patients and better outcomes. And, in doing so, we can continue to be there to ensure patients get the care they need and continue our mission in making healthcare well.

We organize and staff to enable and support true collaboration between existing resources. Our aim is not to build new, redundant owned facilities, but to partner with, connect, and enable better communication and working processes between existing healthcare and patient-service providers to deliver on Triple Aim goals.

We ensure that patients, caregivers, and providers are no longer operating alone in a system beyond their control, removing barriers to successful care through deeply integrated care management. We do this by deploying people, technology, and analytics to deliver seamless, integrated support outside the doctor’s office to patients and caregivers, and visibility into a patient’s behaviors and barriers to providers.